Environmental Responsibility

Since 2010, NTT DATA Business Solutions (FH) has made a commitment to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions by 15% considering the annual average per employee. The company’s emission sources are, for the most part, air and road travel and its facilities.

To reduce CO2 emissions with air travel, NTT DATA Business Solutions (FH) invests in simplifying its logistics, building units in strategic business areas. Another initiative of this front is to propose alternatives to customer, enabling remote service and optimizing the logistics strategy. There is also incentive to use bicycles, with showers in the locker rooms and subsidy for the use of bicycle racks in the offices.

Reducing CO2 emissions at our facilities was based on the replacement of workstations, from desktop computers to notebooks for all employees, reducing energy consumption. In addition, presence sensors have been installed in some rooms and environments frequented by employees, so lights don’t stay on unnecessarily. Also, normal bulbs have been replaced by LED bulbs, which consume less energy, and the change of the physical structure of the NTT DATA Business Solutions (FH) Data Center to an external partner.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility at NTT DATA Business Solutions (FH) happens through several actions involving all collaborators, such as constantly encouraging them to practice sports (Reds Team), Solidarity Christmas and the program Team Goals for Life at Little Prince Hospital. The program created by the largest pediatric hospital in Brazil has been supported by NTT DATA Business Solutions (FH) for more than 5 years. Partner companies offer financial support for new scientific research and treatments.

In 2007, NTT DATA Business Solutions (FH) joined the UN Global Compact, following principles of Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environmental Protection Principles and Anti-Corruption Principles. To learn more about the UN Global Compact, please visit:

Economic Responsibility

NTT DATA Business Solutions (FH) is committed to provide solutions and services that meet the needs of its customers and generate value for their businesses, through fair, market prices.

All of the company’s long-term decisions are based on strategic planning for business continuity and sustainable return for its shareholders and key stakeholders.