O desafio de qualquer gestor é encontrar maneiras de tornar seu departamento mais eficiente e integrado ao restante da companhia. A FH desenvolve e implementa projetos personalizadas de acordo com os objetivos de cada empresa, independente da linha de negócio.

Não importa a sua área de atuação do seu negócio. As suítes FH fomentam a redução de custos, ampliação das vendas, incremento da produtividade e muito mais.


NTT DATA Business Solutions’s expertise in business strategy can bring decisive results to the success of your company. Considered by its customers as one of the best options in business management systems, NTT DATA Business Solutions has the experience of more than 1,500 projects in more than 30 countries, with efficient work methodologies and recognized by world-renowned institutes, and count on consultants that master the dynamics of different industries and go deep to understand the specific needs of organizations, providing a personalized service and maintaining a close and lasting relationship with customers.

One of the strengths of NTT DATA Business Solutions’s partnership is the qualification of its team, which contributes decisively to the quality of its deliverables, meeting deadlines and high level of assertiveness. These strengths result in awards for NTT DATA Business Solutions from large-size organizations as a strategic supplier and constant customer referrals. Besides, NTT DATA Business Solutions presents immediate solutions with a high level of accuracy, post-delivery support and warranty. And more: At any time of the day, customers find contact channels available for service.

Remote Consultancy

NTT DATA Business Solutions’s remote model provides your company with tranquility and quality in the transition from on-site to virtual, without fear of falling productivity or quality of deliveries, indicators that tend to grow in this modality.

Conversion Factory S/4HANA

The migration process for SAP S/4HANA is more than just a system update! It is the opportunity for your company to start its digital transformation and get a next generation ERP enterprise suite.

Is your company prepared for the challenges that this migration process will bring? Discover how to optimize processes and leverage results, with experts in the subject. NTT DATA Business Solutions was recognized by SAP as the Best SAP Partner in 2016 in the SAP S/4HANA category.

Solution Rollout and Upgrade

The successful implementation of a solution can and should be reproduced in other company units, anywhere in the world! Rollout projects handle activating and setting parameters for the organizational structure and/or business scenarios of a company, center (branch) or warehouse, based on an operational model already implemented and in production in another unit with similar structure inside the same group.

In addition to expansion with rollout projects, you must also update technological solutions. With constantly evolving business needs, NTT DATA Business Solutions is a partner for its customers when updating system versions to improve corporate performance.

NTT DATA Business Solutions has the required structure, as well as experienced and certified professionals, to carry out Solution Rollout and Upgrade projects in companies worldwide!

Smart Digital Services

Many sectors of the economy have already undergone a profound digital transformation and it is time for the financial sector!

The regulation of the Open Bank, the entry of new fintechs in the market, traditional banks increasing investments in artificial intelligence and financial institutions offering an increasing range of digital services, brings new business perspectives.

In order for your company to be able to connect more quickly to these new banking services, adjust to new regulations, stay up to date and shorten the distance between its financial business processes, NTT DATA Business Solutions offers Smart Digital Services (SDS), a set of intelligent services that unlock the potential of your ERP. The Banks suite’s applications and APIs manage secure communication between your SAP ERP (ECC or S / 4HANA) and the services of financial institutions in the cloud.

Banks is a SaaS service in which we manage, in a secure and authenticated environment, checkouts, reconciliations and interbank file exchanges for more than 15 Brazilian financial institutions.


Pix, an instant payment system created by the Banco Central do Brasil, went into operation on November 16th and is creating a lot of expectations in the market as it is something completely new, which joins traditional cards, TED, DOC, slips and bills, and companies need to prepare to use the full potential and benefits of this new tool.l.

Pix has the main advantage of providing payments and transferring values in a few seconds at any time of the day, regardless of whether it is a weekend or a holiday, which brings advantages for both consumers and companies.

Our Innovation department developed the SDS Pix, a module of the Smart Digital Services family, a set of intelligent services that unleash the potential of your ERP, which already has the module Banks, to meet the needs of companies that will start using Pix as a way of generating collections, receipts, and payments, further expanding the range of payment options for its customers and partners.

The SDS Pix is the integration between Pix and your ERP, providing comprehensive management of operations and enabling quick identification of receipts and payments with the instant system, being part of an intelligent process flow that will change your business! Learn some of the benefits!

SAP S/4HANA Implementation

In a scenario where everything is connected, companies need to have a platform that offers all the necessary tools to monitor operations and their data in real time, and to support fast and assertive business decisions.

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent and integrated ERP system that uses artificial intelligence to transform your business processes and can be implemented in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid scenarios.

The SAP S/4HANA implementation provides state-of-the-art processes that connect all sectors of your company, from finance to production, from engineering to commercial. That way it is possible to have a 360 ° macro view and go to the level of detail if necessary.

When implementing SAP S/4HANA in your company, count on who has expertise, success cases and is SAP Platinum Partner!

SAP Concur​

Did you know that NTT DATA Business Solutions is among the few consultancies in Brazil that are authorized to sell licenses and implement the SAP Concur?

Controlling travel costs, expenses and reimbursements to employees is a priority for companies, but many still use outdated processes, spreadsheets and systems that depend on physical invoices, manual approvals and even stamps! If your company is still like that, this is about to change!

Discover SAP Concur and change the way your company manages corporate travel expenses, costs and reimbursements for employees.

DTaaS - Digital Transformation as a Service

Digital Transformation for years has been a popular topic, and with its advancement, many technology projects have lagged in their development, especially regarding their implementation model.

With that in mind, NTT DATA Business Solutions launches a new concept of project commercialization, DTaaS – Digital Transformation as a Service. DTaaS offers the possibility of commercializing modular, flexible, and dynamic projects with fast deliveries and focused on value, providing the client with the advancement of its business at a more accessible cost and in real time.