Smart Digital Services - Banks

Many sectors of the economy have already undergone a profound digital transformation and it is time for the financial sector!

The regulation of the Open Bank, the entry of new fintechs in the market, traditional banks increasing investments in artificial intelligence and financial institutions offering an increasing range of digital services, brings new business perspectives.

In order for your company to be able to connect more quickly to these new banking services, adjust to new regulations, stay up to date and shorten the distance between its financial business processes, NTT DATA Business Solutions offers Smart Digital Services (SDS), a set of intelligent services that unlock the potential of your ERP. The Banks suite’s applications and APIs manage secure communication between your SAP ERP (ECC or S/4HANA) and the services of financial institutions in the cloud.

Banks is a SaaS service in which we manage, in a secure and authenticated environment, checkouts, reconciliations and interbank file exchanges for more than 15 Brazilian financial institutions.

NTT DATA Business Solutions' Smart Digital Services Banks has applications that facilitate the management of banking services:

Activate new services, inform parameters, obtain access keys and with the support of guided tutorials, be able to test out in a few minutes. The suite of cloud applications includes accelerators for connecting to banks, issuing and reconciling payment slips, credit cards and bank statements.

Visually and in real time manage your account balance, transactions and navigate to the detailed title page, which contains all historical data in an intuitive timeline. The customer receives the checkout link, which contains all the details of the purchase and makes the payment. Received notification from the bank, bookings are made in the ERP and the flow is completed.

Easily integrate the titles generated in SAP ERP with the registration at the bank, send by email and SMS to the customer and monitor the payment status by sending billing notifications in case of default. With the registration of the payment, the compensation flow starts in your ERP.

Import the bank statement automatically and using a match algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence perform the compensations automatically in your SAP ERP. A monitor shows the matches not reconciled so that the robot learns and improves its degree of accuracy.

Configure access keys, tokens and sandbox environments to perform tests in your QAS environment pointing to the SDS Banks cloud sandbox, which in turn integrates with bank approval systems.

Check out some advantages of having Smart Digital Services Banks


The cost is greatly reduced, especially when compared to the value of a traditional project to add each banking institution to the company’s system.


The entire solution is supported by PaaS (Platform as a Service) and FaaS (Functions as a Service) services in AWS cloud infrastructure. The high scalability and availability of the service is guaranteed throughout the suite!


Your teams can focus on the main activity of your business, while banking integration and technology adjustments are up to NTT DATA Business Solutions!


The system has encryption, anti-fraud system with Machine learning and artificial intelligence and all the necessary protocols to guarantee compliance and information security.


The peace of mind of putting your company’s finances in the hands of an SAP Platinum partner with technological expertise and structure recognized and awarded by the market!