Assisted Sales

The high competitiveness in the retail industry requires constant technological updating from companies.

In the old day, customers came to the store, discussed with the seller the possibilities of acquisition, checked the price and availability of stock of a particular product. Today, in addition to offering the best shopping experience to its customers, it is essential to stand out in the market to offer a proactive and integrated service.

Through multi-service, using the website and mobile, sellers of the ominchannel era can offer more information about each product, which transforms the purchase into a unique and differentiated experience.

Scenario without Assisted Sales | frustrated customer

Difficulty finding the product and lack of relevant information

Product unavailability in stock

Chance to buy the product without knowing how to use it or the need to purchase other peripherals

Scenario with Assisted Sales | satisfied customer

Personalized service, fast purchase, with an agile and efficient system

Physical-digital integration

Product recommendation through enriched content, to assist the purchase decision

Right product, at the right time and in the right place

Benefits of Assisted Sales?

  • Unique and differentiated shopping experience;
  • Customized, agile service, with tailored service.
  • User experience (UX) that benefits the agility and efficiency of the seller;
  • Simple learning curve, without the need for extensive training to master the tool;
  • The seller can count on exclusive resources to identify the right products and offer complementary products (cross selling);
  • Multi-service that allows you to serve multiple customers at the same time.

Flexibility and improvement of sales outflows, inventories and logistics;
Sharing opportunities in all sales channels;
Customer follow-up in all purchase channels.

With NTT DATA Business Solutions’ assisted sales projects, your customer will start the purchase journey at home, on the website, on the tablet or on the cell phone, being able to check information, see tutorials, answer questions and complete the purchase in the physical store, with the advice of sales team that will be able to assist in the indication of products and services through access to the shared cart.

Your company and your customers together, across all channels!