Sales and Services​ Projects

With Sales Projects, your business leverages advanced capabilities that encompass customer relationship management through sales leverage software that provides insights for you to make quick 360-degree decisions. All of this through portfolio management, which targets customers based on their territory, running specific campaigns with unique price lists according to each customer’s profile.

Service Projects are developed especially for field services and SAC, which is natively omnichannel.

In this way, the customer can choose which channel he wants to communicate with companies.


  • ■  Seamless transitions between communication channels;
  • ■  Enhances local registration systems to resolve or execute work orders;
  • ■  Analytical and integrated resources;
  • ■  Mobile access. 

Exceed expectations, sell and empower your team to win customers in a more meaningful and relevant way.

Meet NTT DATA Business Solutions' Sales and Services Projects!