AWS Cloud Management

Cloud data storage grows at an accelerated pace, after all, hosting multiple IT operations on a single platform at minimal cost is quite an attraction.

Leveraging the benefits that cloud solutions offer not only improve the customer experience, but also elevate the organization’s competitive potential, making it more agile, modern and innovative.

AWS Benefits

Rather than investing substantially in data centers and servers before knowing how they will be used, you can pay only when consuming computing resources, and pay only for the amount consumed.

Cloud computing allows you to turn to your customers, rather than the heavy lifting of structuring, stacking, and keeping servers connected.

AWS infrastructure uses advanced defense to help protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS datacenters.

Security is escalated according to your use of the AWS Cloud. No matter the size of your business, AWS infrastructure is designed to keep data safe.

In the cloud computing environment, additional IT resources are within reach in just one click, which means that the time it takes to make these resources available to developers is reduced from weeks to just minutes. This results in a dramatic increase in the agility of the organization, as the cost and time required to experiment and develop is significantly lower.

Eliminate assumptions when determining your infrastructure capacity requirement. When you make a decision about capacity, before deploying the application, you often deal with the idleness of expensive resources or capacity limits.

With cloud computing, these problems disappear. You can access as much as you need, and scale up and down as needed just a few minutes in advance.

Easily deploy your app to multiple regions around the world with just a few clicks. This means you can deliver lower latency and a better experience to your customers simply and at minimal cost.

Now that you know some of the advantages of using cloud computing, check out which services in AWS NTT DATA Business Solutions provides:


AWS Services

See which services NTT DATA Business Solutions can manage from your SAP application and which are performed by AWS:

SAP Concur: The evolution in expense and travel management

With hybrid cloud architecture, you can integrate on-site resources with cloud resources, your systems and applications can be migrated in a planned way while new projects can be hosted in the cloud, all with a high level of security and redundancy implemented in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

NTT DATA Business Solutions has the expertise to support the following HANA scenarios in Amazon Web Services:

■  Hana native applications
■  Aplicações HANA nativas
■  Data marts / analytics / big data
■  S/4HANA
■  Business Suite on HANA
■  Business Warehouse and BPC on HANA
■  Business One on HANA

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAP worked together to certify the AWS platform so that businesses of all sizes can realize all the benefits of the SAP HANA memory computing platform on AWS.

With SAP HANA on AWS, you can:

■  Provision infrastructure much faster – SAP HANA provisioning in hours X weeks to months in the On-Premisse model.
■  Scale your infrastructure resources on demand – as your data requirements increase over time, so does the AWS environment.
■  Reduce costs – by paying only for the infrastructure resources you need and use.
■  Bring your own license – take advantage of your existing licensing investment without additional licensing fees.
■  Achieve a higher level of availability – combining Amazon EC2 Auto Recovery, multiple Availability Zones, and SAP HANA System Replication (HSR).

Cloud security is our highest priority. The implementation of IAM security policies, security groups and private subnets ensures isolation of tiers from the application. AWS delivers a datacenter and network architecture designed to meet the requirements of the companies with the highest security requirements.

In case of partial or total failure in one of the datacenters (Availability Zone) the application will continue online. NTT DATA Business Solutions’ SAP Hosting solution includes infrastructure from multiple geographically separate availability zones, with automatic database endpoint failover configuration and load balancing with the ability to schedule or autoscaling in a third availability zone to maintain a minimum number of servers in the Pool.

NTT DATA Business Solutions’ SAP Hosting solution includes EC2 Auto Recovery configuration for issues such as physical host unavailability and EC2 Auto restart for loss of connectivity due to misuse or overuse of the operating system. Maintain business continuity without waiting for days for hardware troubleshooting.

You can have your entire SAP landscape on AWS integrated into your On Premisse landscape. This environment is integrated with on-premises systems and users through a VPN connection or a direct connection to AWS. The SAProuter runs on a public subnet and receives an elastic IP address (EIP) to enable integration with the SAP OSS network over virtual network computing (VNC) connection. Network address translation (NAT) on the public subnet allows instances on the private subnet to initiate outbound traffic to the Internet, but prevents instances from receiving incoming traffic initiated by someone on the Internet. SECURITY GUARANTEED.


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