O desafio de qualquer gestor é encontrar maneiras de tornar seu departamento mais eficiente e integrado ao restante da companhia. A FH desenvolve e implementa projetos personalizadas de acordo com os objetivos de cada empresa, independente da linha de negócio.

Não importa a sua área de atuação do seu negócio. As suítes FH fomentam a redução de custos, ampliação das vendas, incremento da produtividade e muito mais.

The challenge for any manager is to find ways to make their department more efficient and integrated with the rest of the company. FH develops and implements customized projects according to the objectives of each company, regardless of your business type.

It does not matter your business actuation area. FH solutions foster cost reduction, increase of sales, increased productivity and more.

The digital economy is causing a deep change in business management. Many of the new challenges, ranging from improving margins to achieving greater control of end results, are some indicators that impact the performance of business leaders.

Radically change your company with the solutions implemented by FH, increasing visibility and procedural control, without adding bureaucracy and complexity to your business.

The world has changed. The way things were sold yesterday is not the same as it is today. How has consumption changed? And what will change tomorrow? Does your sales team keep up with this digital age? Do they know how to offer the right product at the right time and add value to the differentials your customer is seeking?

Countless digital channels and social networks have emerged, but basically what every new consumer wants is a consistent experience across sales channels and all in real time!

Understanding consumer needs and understanding increasingly complex purchasing journeys. This is the key challenge for marketing professionals nowadays. Furthermore, many managers mention the integration of multiple platforms and technologies as a complex issue to be managed.


FH’s marketing solutions offer total control and automation for professionals in this area and a unique omni-channel experience, customized and meaningful for its customers.

Filled with complexities, financial management faces challenges at all times. Elected by SAP as its best business partner, FH offers a range of integrated solutions that simplify and automate processes, regardless of the financial institution type.


Supplier relationships are complex and need to be aligned with demand patterns that can be extraordinarily volatile. Is your operation focused on the customer? Several technological changes are happening at all times and bringing the extended supply chain to the digital world, so it means actual transformation for businesses.

Is your company ready for digital marketing and the demands it generates? Understand how the platforms implemented by FH can make your company more competitive and ready to meet market demands in real time.

There is no way to manage dispersed and misguided information. Count on FH to learn how to prevent severe penalties and integrate your company information into a secure database with full, dynamic and automated management. Check it out!


Is your Human Resources team keeping track of market challenges? Optimize your company’s HR operations with FH solutions and focus on activities that add value and strengthen your business strategies.

Optimizing the manufacturing process – starting from production planning, project management, inventory control, scheduling, to supply chain management – and additionally, reducing total production costs. Managing these attributes is a task for a certain few, as any error can result in severe penalties for all departments of an organization.


To face such a complex challenge, where customers are increasingly demanding and expect fast delivery, you must meet deadlines while fighting for competitive prices, so technology is indispensable to provide more agility to address customer needs and expectations.