NTT DATA Business Solutions offers comprehensive solutions to meet all agribusiness processes!

Integration of processes ensuring more efficiency in the production chain while keeping focus on sustainability standards.

Agribusiness amazes us every day, especially regarding how intense is its participation in the country’s development. To meet the growing demand, due to population growth and consumer requests for healthy and sustainable food, production needs to increase more and more. Always protecting the environment and ensuring food safety, in addition to reducing production costs and maintaining productivity levels.

To ensure production profitability, cash flow in the off-season, as well as contemplate a series of skills related to process planning, organization and monitoring (acquisition, analysis, preparation, preservation of raw material), complying with all Brazilian tax obligations, obtaining real-time data and integrating this data throughout the business chain, in addition to guaranteeing sustainability and succession for management. These are some of the biggest needs for agribusiness.

NTT DATA Business Solution understands all these challenges and contributes to develop agribusiness through integrated solutions that make daily tasks easier, providing greater competitiveness and sustainability, and meeting end-to-end business requirements. Knowing how to take advantage of technological changes results in gaining an upper hand and achieving excellent results!