NTT DATA Business Solutions offers comprehensive solutions to meet all manufacturing processes

Automate processes, manage inventory, plan production, and update your portfolio in an integrated, secure, and efficient way.

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, especially regarding technology, smart automation and innovation. More than a business strategy, being connected to the digital world is a requirement for every company.

We know that increased output, quality in processes and monitoring have a direct impact on the profitability of manufacturing companies, and reflect on the Brazilian economy, which is controlled by standards, legislation and procedures. Moreover, technological progress requires companies to undergo several upgrades. Taking into account that tracking these changes is an attribute for a certain few and there are many uncertainties, your company needs to be a part of digital transformation.

NTT DATA Business Solutions understands all these demands and contributes to the development of the manufacturing sector through integrated solutions, providing greater competitiveness and meeting end-to-end business requirements. Knowing how to take advantage of technological changes results in gaining an upper hand and achieving excellent results!