NTT DATA Business Solutions offers comprehensive solutions to meet all retail industry processes

Integration, management, productivity platforms, e-commerce, and more. All systems are integrated with real-time data.

Increasing sales and business profitability are just some of the numerous challenges for the retail industry. Furthermore, professionals in this sector need to be in tune regarding consumption expansion, new formats, integrated channels and online strategies.

We know that maturity and technology have a direct impact on the consolidation of all retail areas, reflecting on the Brazilian development. Countless digital channels and social networks have emerged, but what businesses and consumers expect is a consistent experience across channels and in real time.

Digital integration in retail goes far beyond CRM. It involves understanding the consumption profile of each customer, knowing their expectations and adding value to their purchases through a unique experience. All this with real-time support that provides rich information and insights to the sales team.

NTT DATA Business Solutions offers several solutions that promote digital transformation for customers. Be amazed with what NTT DATA Business Solutions can offer the retail market.