NTT DATA Business Solutions offers comprehensive solutions to meet all utilities sector processes.

Increase productivity, reduce risks, and make your business more efficient, reliable, and sustainable.

The utilities sector amazes us every day, especially regarding mobility, smart grids and data analytics.

We know that business processes by functional activity impact directly on companies that generate, transmit e distribute energy, water and sanitation, in public services and reflect directly in the country development. Controlled by standards, laws and procedures, the segment is also subject to changes and updates. In addition to the sector’s major responsibilities, there is the complexity of meeting all tax obligations and technological upgrades, which require companies to access their data in real time, ensuring reliable information and data integration.

NTT DATA Business Solutions can help companies in the utilities sector to solve all these challenges at the same time. From analytics functions for smart power grids, management of measured data, demand segmentation management tools, to system performance improvements and quality of data delivered to tax authorities, NTT DATA Business Solutions has everything that your business needs to become a benchmark in quality and efficiency.