ECG is a cloud suite, developed by NTT DATA Business Solutions, structured on four pillars of corporate features that range from meeting tax obligations to analyzing, auditing and automating business data, meeting the needs of any individual client regardless of size, tax solution or ERP used.

The ECG consists of four pillars:

It encompasses updates of registration of business partners as a customer and supplier, to the definition of tax rates in a commercial transaction. We support our customers in the transformation and analysis of data, ensuring that your company will have a unique and consolidated database, eliminating the risk of duplicity and inconsistency of information.


It adds technology to compliance with tax legislation, automating the entire process of issuing and receiving EFD-Reinf, Electronic Invoice, Electronic Service Invoice, Electronic Transport Bill, Electronic Consumer Invoice and Electronic Tax Documents Manifest.

All operations are available via API that can be consumed by any company, regardless of size, tax software or ERP used. For companies that have SAP ERP, in addition to messaging through the API, an add-on is available, complementing the standard solution.

It helps your company to select the right insights to outline strategies for your business.

A solid content base is essential for getting the best forecasts, answering important questions and exposing action plans related to problems that would take a long time to be identified manually.

You can still monitor your performance, implement predictive models that qualify your data with the expected results, or optimize decisions that define what to do at the right time.

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Companies must efficiently manage their fiscal function, through procedures that avoid risks and, at the same time, optimize the tax burden through legal incentives.

Auditing is at your company’s disposal to offer various tax services adjusted to each operation, in addition to assisting you in assessing risks, adapting to the tax environment and the benefits involved.



■  The ECG has the credibility and security of a company specialized in business processes and software, which has been in the market since 1999, with projects in more than 30 countries;

■  80 large companies already use suites provided by the ECG;

■  Governance and interface for integration via API with any ERP;

■  SAP Add-On developed by NTT DATA Business Solutions, specifically for the integration and automation of processes between the ERP and the operations offered by the ECG;

■  The modular marketing model designed for the ECG allows any company to have access only to the services it needs;

■  Automation of manual processes and security in generated data;

■  The initial setup requires little effort;

■  Access to specialized support and extensive technical documentation made available to the customer.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

In the technological age, market changes follow an accelerated flow, rapidly changing customer expectations and the form of competition. While legacy systems make changes slow and risky, cloud technologies innovate this context, bringing agility and positive results to business.

Therefore, the ECG is marketed as a service with cloud storage, exempting your company from the responsibility of maintaining hardware and applications.


Cloud hosting provides agility and easy access to information and application updates.


The IT team (developers, analysts, support, etc.) can focus on the demands of the company’s business.


Security policies, traffic management to ensure that APIs and data are protected.


High availability and stability of the suite regardless of the volume of transactions carried out.