Get to know the SAP Customer Experience Solutions

SAP Commerce Cloud

B2B and B2C customers have different corporate interests, but very similar purchasing expectations. You need to identify each buyer’s profile, analyze their purchase history, make the best product/service recommendation and offer the best deals related to each customer’s profile.

Innovate your sales operations, be a pioneer in your segment and provide incredible experiences to your customers.

SAP Marketing Cloud

The buying journey has evolved at a steady pace, and this limitation on access to customer information delays companies in the process of digital transformation. To change this scenario you need to get detailed insight into customer needs at every step of the buying process.

Improve demand and increase revenue with more customer conversions using the industry’s leading omnichannel commerce solution.

SAP Sales Cloud

Digital integration for the sales area goes far beyond CRM. You must identify the consumer profile and their purchasing journey, understand their expectations and add value to their purchases through a unique experience. All this with real-time support to provide valuable information and insights to your salespeople.

Predict the customer’s next step and answer accordingly!

SAP Service Cloud

Focusing on growth and adapting to the digital economy, companies need to maintain customer loyalty. This is the key to engagement through experiences, regardless of how, when or where the customer is.

Have better control of your customers’ tickets and answer them in an agile, efficient, automated and omnichannel process!